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Regulations and relevant NAA advisories


Rev. 2 — document altered 12 March 2014

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The following lists documents of interest to powered sport and recreational aviation — Civil Aviation Orders [CAOs] and advisory documents [ACs/CAAPs] from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority [CASA] and certification specifications from CASA and other National Airworthiness Authorities [NAAs]; i.e. the European Aviation Safety Agency [EASA], the British Civil Aviation Authority [CAA] and the American Society for Testing and Materials [ASTM International]. The pdf documents are stored in the RA-Aus 'Flysafe' subdomain for easier access. The issue date of the version stored on this site is shown; if it is necessary to ensure you have the latest version then please check the originator's website. The revision status of the stored documents was last checked for validity July 2012.

The sport and recreational aviation Orders providing exemption from provisions of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988

  • CAO 95.4 — GFA power-assisted sailplanes, powered sailplanes and sailplanes [April 2011]
  • CAO 95.8 — HGFA hang-gliders and paragliders including powered variants [April 2011]
  • CAO 95.10 — low momentum one-place RA-Aus 3-axis control and HGFA weight-shift control aeroplanes [April 2011]
  • CAO 95.12 — ASRA gyroplanes with empty weight not more than 250 kg [April 2011]
  • CAO 95.12.1 — ASRA LSA gyroplanes of maximum gross weight not more than 600 kg [April 2011]
  • CAO 95.14 — parasails and gyrogliders [2004]
  • CAO 95.32 — RA-Aus/HGFA trikes and RA-Aus powered parachutes [April 2011]
  • CAO 95.54 — ABF manned balloons and hot-air airships [April 2011]
  • CAO 95.55 — RA-Aus one-place and two-place 3-axis control aeroplanes [April 2011]

Design/airworthiness standards from CASA and other NAAs

  • CAO 101.28 — Airworthiness certification requirements - amateurbuilt category aeroplanes [2004]
  • CAO 101.55 — aircraft certification requirements - aeroplanes with a maximum weight not exceeding 450 kg [2004]
  • F2245-07 — ASTM International standard specification for design and performance of a Light Sport Aircraft [July 2007]
  • CAP 482 (BCAR-S) — British civil airworthiness requirement section S - small light aeroplanes [October 2009 superseded May 2013]
  • CS-VLA — EASA certification specifications for very light aeroplanes [March 2009]

CASA advisory publications and circulars

  • Advisory Circular 21.1(1) — 'Aircraft airworthiness certification categories and designations explained' [2000]
  • Advisory Circular 21.2(0) — 'Standard certificates of airworthiness' [1998]
  • Advisory Circular 21.1 (1) — Aircraft airworthiness certification categories and designations explained [2000]
  • Advisory Circular 21-41 (0)Light Sport Aircraft Certificate of Airworthiness[September 2005]
  • Advisory Circular 21-42Light Sport Aircraft manufacturer's requirements [February 2014]
  • draft CAAP 149-1(0) — RAAO registered aircraft acceptable to CASA for the aero-towing of other aircraft [June 2011]
  • CAAP 166-1 — Operations in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes [December 2013]
  • CAAP 166-2 — Pilots responsibility for collision avoidance in the vicinity of non-controlled aerodromes using 'see and avoid' [December 2013]

Current CASA notices of proposed rule making

  • NPRM 0603OSSport and Recreational Aviation operations: proposed Part 103 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations [December 2006]
  • NPRM 0704OSRecreational Aviation Administration Organisations: proposed Part 149 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations [July 2007]

Other documents

  • HORSCOTS report — the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Transport Safety's report on sports aviation safety [1987]

  • Download any part of the civil aviation safety regulations, CASR 1998 from the ComLaw website of the Attorney-General's department.

  • Download any part of the still current civil aviation regulations, CAR 1988 from the ComLaw website of the Attorney-General's department.