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  • Tapanee Pegazair-100 STOL




    The Pegazair-100 STOL is a two-seat STOL homebuilt aircraft developed in Canada by Tapanee Aviation, Inc. of Mont-Saint-Michel, Quebec.

    General Information

    Development of the Pegazair started in 1985 by Serg Dufour of Mont-Saint-Michel, Quebec. Originally it consisted of a new set of Pega-STOL wings with retractable leading edge slats to be installed on Zenair CH 701 STOLs to replace their wings which have fixed leading edge slots. Dufour went on to develop a new fuselage and tail to match the wings. The Pegazair is a two seats in side-by-side configuration, strut-braced, high-wing monoplane with conventional landing gear. Fuselage construction is welded steel tubing with aluminum skin. The wings employ full length flaperons and leading edge slats that deploy automatically. The tailplane is slotted for slow speed authority. The prototype was outfitted with a 65 hp (48 kW) Continental A-65 engine.


    The design was later developed into the four-seat Tapanee Levitation 4.




    Pegazair P80
         Powered by an 80 hp (60 kW) Rotax 912UL
    Pegazair P100
         Powered by an 80 hp (60 kW) Continental O-200 or 115 hp (86 kW) Rotax 914



    Pegazair-100 C-FYTU.jpg

    Pegazair-100 C-GBEY.jpg

    Pegazair-100 C-GBKZ.jpg

    Pegazair-100 N856K.jpg


    Crew: one Capacity: one passenger
    6.83 m (22 ft 5 in)
    8.8 m (29 ft)
    Wing Area:
    14 sq m (150 sq ft)
    Wing Loading:
    47 kg/sq m (9.7 lb/sq ft)
    Empty Weight:
    374 kg (825 lb)
    Gross weight: 658 kg (1,450 lb)
    Fuel Capacity:
    134 litres (29 imp gal; 35 US gal)
    1 × Continental O-200 horizontally opposed piston, 75 kW (100 hp)
    201 km/h (125 mph, 109 kn)
    Cruise Speed:
    169 km/h (105 mph, 91 kn)
    Stall Speed:
    45 km/h (28 mph, 24 kn). Min.speed 50 % pwr: 18 mph
    1,010 km (630 mi, 550 nmi)
    Takeoff Dist.:
    300 ft
    Rate of Climb:
    1,010 km (630 mi, 550 nmi)

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