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1. Without further ado!




Note: this build is for the taildragger version of the Skyreach Bushcat, so bear in mind some sections may be a little different to the tricycle version.


So I won't be posting every time I screw a nut onto a bolt. Mostly I will highlight points of interest, tricks and solutions and general thoughts. Also I am discovering that I am needing 'special' tools sooner than anticipated, so in this first post I will list any special tools/materials and the section of the Bushcat build I first needed them in. That way if anyone else is building a Skyreach Bushcat they can see when they have to spring for them without having to buy them all at once. At the time of writing this, I was up to section 17. I would suggest it won’t take long to get that far.


Torque seal                                - Section 1

Pop rivet gun                             - Section 2 (not really a special tool as such, but I didn't have one handy so it goes in the list!)

Loctite 243                                - Section 12

Cable tension gauge                 - Section 14

0.82 safety wire                         - Section 14 (choose any unit of measure you like- miles, parsecs, cubits. I myself went for millimeters as that will have the best fit in the hole)

modified pointy nosed pliers     - Section 17

M6 taps (through and bottom)   - Section 25

special wheel bearing grease    - Section 29

loctite 572                                  - Section 53





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