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10. Section 22

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You need to put ten grommets into the fairing at this stage. Go to the bedroom and grab yourself some water based lube, some of these are tough little buggers to insert 😄 


so tough in fact there was no way I could get the two medium sized grommets in the holes. They were 10mm holes. I ended up drilling them out to 12.5mm and they were still the hardest to get in! Those two are for the battery cables.



I should add that that at this point (kit # 231) they still have instructions for drilling the ten holes. This is probably legacy from when they offered a version with a rotax 582 and thus presumably you would drill holes in different locations compared to the rotax 912. Mine came pre drilled

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Danny, hot water will often soften grommets enough to assist in insertion. But it also pays to mike the centre of the grommet and check the measurement against the hole, to ensure they're not too different in size. 

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Ha! I mentioned this to my partner who had done a lot of cabling etc in her time. She said she coulda told me that 😄

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