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    After a couple of years, the Recreational Flying site became so popular that it was costing my personally a huge amount of money to keep it going and free for all aviators. We needed to find someway to offset the costs of this site without putting any burden on the site users. As soon as you put the word Aviation on something it becomes expensive but we do recreational aviation as a hobby or sport, however we pay the same for what we need or required to have as those that are gaining an income from aviation.
    So, as an ICT contractor as my primary source of income and with my own Pty Ltd company I started Clear Prop, not as a corporate business per say, but using my Pty Ltd company, and where possible dealing direct with manufacturers, I was able to purchase stock and only place small margins on products as a means to offset the costs of running Recreational Flying. This is how we are able to not only provide you with heavily discounted aviation products, as we are afterall recreational, but also keep Recreational flying going as a valuable resource for all aviators.
    We have access to over 20,000 lines of products but you won't find every single one of them in our online store so if you can't find something you need please just ask, we are always striving to get you what you need at the absolute cheapest price possible to help ALL aviators.
    Remember, anything you purchase from Clear Prop helps to keep the Recreational Flying (.com) website going for everyone
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