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Announcement - Add an announcement banner

There are various ways that you can add an announcement to your listing:

  • Edit your listing itself and add your announcement in the details section (you would have to edit it again when the announcement is no longer valid) (see adding a listing in FAQ)
  • Add an announcement in the discussion thread below your listing, your announcement could attract comments for further discussion but your announcement will always remain in the discussion thread (see adding and replying to comments in FAQ)
  • Use the News System to add your announcement under one of the News categories, you can set the duration of how long you want your announcement to be current for (see Adding News in the FAQ)
  • Use the Add Message function of your listing to display your announcement as a banner in your choice of colour across the top of your listing

This FAQ relates specifically on how to use the Add Message function that will display an announcement as a banner across the top of your listing. For example it could look like this:


Simply watch this video to see how easy it is to do:



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