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  1. But CFIT can also happen in plain sight; as when attempting a 180 escape in a valley and misjudging the max rate turn. https://www.news.com.au/national/breaking-news/raaf-remembers-worst-peacetime-crash/news-story/af10948a903da81c02f3dc23d381ae4a And I think what Poteroo tells us (in Post #7 above) about the everyday realities of charter work in tough terrain also needs to be kept in mind. This Aviation Safety Digest from 1971 holds many lessons along these lines - as relevant today as then: https://www.atsb.gov.au/media/5774770/asd_73_mar_71.pdf
  2. RAA have 9999 combinations and only 3350 aircraft, VH has 17576 combinations and 15,556 current registrations.
  3. Why do people who can't say flight data recorder make these videos
  4. Why not issue VH to RAAus - no valid reason not to - registration has nothing to do with airworthiness
  5. I flew the turboprop version of the CT4 nearly 30 years ago. A fun aeroplane.
  6. I thought it was the Aircruiser when I saw it in the panorama in the original post. Googled it and found that Brumby have bought the type cerificate for the Aircruiser, and are designing a turboprop version.
  7. I don’t understand why it’s a rip off. It’s just a label to put on the item so it can be identified. Phone numbers, car Regos, boat Regos, GA Regos, amateur radio Regos- the list goes on and on- are recycled. They don’t take them off an active aircraft do they? And they have to be paid for ( renewed) every year so once it’s no longer in use or not renewed it’s no longer applicable to that old airframe whether it’s an airworthy frame or a heap of scraps in someone’s shed. I can’t see the problem.
  8. The Last Minute Hitch: 16 March 2018 - Australian Flying WWW.AUSTRALIANFLYING.COM.AU Frogs Hollow, currency and feedback. Here's a piece by Steve Hitchen in Australian Flying last March about Frogs Hollow. Mention is made of the only 4-place Victa Aircruiser ever built which happens to live here. I was glad to have a chance to see it last Sunday week. Herewith some pics including its owner pilot 'Des' seen here on the left. Another story here: Merimbula Fly-away Report 10-12 March 2018 – Lilydale Flying Club LILYDALEFLYINGCLUB.COM.AU
  9. Even number's issued & payed for ?. "RAAus have been using low vacant numbers for quite a while now" No chance of a refund, Do all company's rip off their clients, by changing rules. spacesailor
  10. RAAus have been using low vacant numbers for quite a while now. Magazine is full of them. Nothing shocking about that, CASA do it with VH. Motor registration branches can do it with cars. If the number is not used, it's usable by the next punter. They won't run out until past 9,999 aircraft registered, and with about 3500 or thereabouts aircraft registered at present (was it?) they won't run out any time soon. Nothing to see here, move along.........................
  11. red750

    Any Site Problems...Site Support

    Going from your post above to the What's New page by clicking What's New in the left margin took less than 2 seconds on my laptop, which is abominably slow, and my abysmal ADSL2.
  12. red750

    Picture size in posts

    Further to previous reply, all photos uploaded using 'choose files' below are shown as 300 x 200 thumbnails. Click them to see the larger version. Photos copied and pasted using Ctrl C and Ctrl V appear full size.
  13. Ah, I see, thanks. I wonder if there's an option for arranging the pic on the page without using a thumbnail link.
  14. red750

    Picture size in posts

    All photos are shown as 300 x 200 thumbnails. Click them to see the larger version.
  15. spacesailor

    Killer Gas

    A Little piece of information ! CO is heavier than air, so a vent at the bottom of your cockpit should remove the gas while a fresh air vent higher higher up Should bring in clean air. Positive air cleaning, helps, I found out on my yacht, running the petrol generator. less than ten minutes & I wanted to lay down to have a sleep, luckily was told (made) to get up on the deck. I did as above & invested in a CO monitor. Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors WWW.PEELINSTRUMENTS.COM.AU Peel Instruments Pty.Ltd. Established in 1979. Australian business that have designed, developed and manufactured various electronic apparatus. Good advice. spacesailor
  16. The Aviation Herald AVHERALD.COM Aviation Herald - News, Incidents and Accidents in Aviation
  17. The obvious outcomeof all this, is that it is best to avoid Lionair and similar airlines. If the crews are not reporting defects they are contributing to circumstances that will result in their jobs disappearing.
  18. It’s all good . Just tap on the thumbnails and they automatically enlarge ..... Bob
  19. Kyle Communications

    How long until RAA get a weight increase approved?

    I dont think numbers are a issue at all. add a extra digit so its 5 digits or a different preceeding number I still think its a long long way off
  20. Getting back to the subject of "How long until RAA get a weight increase approved?" If CASA approves the increase, RA Aus then will have a problem of what Rego Numbers to issue! As RA Aus is currently running out of Rego Numbers, and I believe they are currently re-issuing old expired numbers!
  21. My greatest concern with this accident is that the aircraft was flown by 3 different crews over the preceding 3 days, and they all experienced trim problems. However, these crews were smart enough to disable the autopilot trim system and hand fly the 737 to a safe conclusion. It's now evident that not all crews were this resourceful. For reasons unknown, they either, 1 - failed to report it via writing in the official system, or 2 - reported it verbally, or 3 - thought no more about it as they had fixed the system, or 4 - they did correctly report it - but it was returned to line with the problem remaining. Which begs the question - how? This reminds me of the 'bad old days' in PNG, where you were unwise to put anything on the MR except a complete engine failure. (assuming you survived!) Companies had unwritten 'rules' that any issues went onto a 'snag-sheet', which I'm sure didn't ever reach the retained paperwork system.
  22. coljones

    Bad Experience with Jabiru

    You don't know what you are missing. Jabiru makes great plane.
  23. It seems that NSW south coast planning authorities last night knocked back the big development proposal, just south of Bega, by the outfit called Sports Aviation Australia. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Community/NO-Frogs-Hollow-Chinese-Flying-School-818213558262343/ http://www.sportsaviationaustralia.com/about/ The plan was huge. According to one report (below): “Every 12 weeks there’ll be 360 trainee pilots, that’s 28,000 takeoffs and landings.” and “This is a development equivalent to a town of around 500 people.” https://aboutregional.com.au/community-steps-out-to-reject-frogs-hollow-flight-school/ Whilst a blow to the developers, it will probably come as a relief to the Frogs Hollow Flyers who've developed the ALA on the site for years, for their own use - and for that of visiting recreational aviators. Perhaps now, they won't be turfed off their home strip to make way for the big new school. Frogs Hollow Flyers aerodromes south coast flying pilots WWW.FROGSHOLLOWFLYERS.COM.AU Frogs Hollow Flyers provides an alternative to landing at Merimbula Airport and gives opportunities for pilots and enthusiasts in the Bega Valley without the formalities of an official Aero Club. Visitors welcome, but remember it is an active ALA Sorry these pictures which I took at Frogs Hollow a couple of weeks back are ultra-tiny and repeated. I've no idea how to enlarge or even delete images in this version.
  24. Old Koreelah

    gympie qld aerodrome upgrades

    That's the model we should be pursuing, PM. My conversations with local government leaders have shown great interest in saving money by getting the community to once again take over a few roles that local councils now have to provide. Getting local residents to mow their footbath is one obvious example.
  25. Garfly

    Picture size in posts

    How, in this version of the software, do you have pictures display in posts bigger than thumbnail size?
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