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  2. Hi all, I've just recently re-registered after a few years out of the aviation world. I've come across a Pulsar III for sale in SA which I'm told hasn't flown since 2015, however has had the required maintenance completed. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the particular aircraft. I'm quite keen on purchasing, and having not done so before, any advice and/or suggestions you could offer would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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  4. I stopped there last year on my way to the Birdsville Races. Friendly staff who couldn’t do enough for you. The only hassle as no Telstra service, had to buy an Optus SIM card.
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  6. I presume that you are seeing this as the needle moving rapidly on a mechanical gauge? This is caused by the normal pulsation of the diaphragm fuel pump at half crankshaft speed. Have seen this when I installed a VDO fuel pressure gauge in my Thruster. To fix I used about 4m of 1/8' od nylon line coiled up. One reason the problem may show after some time is that normally the line to gauge is mostly filled with air providing some damping, as the air bleeds away it allows the incompressable liquid to hammer the gauge.
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  8. Well, it's the floats that control the flow into the carbies and therefore also the pressure. So that might be something to look at. (As well as the needle and seat) There have been bad batches of floats in circulation for a while and I thought it had been sorted but a local Vixen with several hundred hours was found to have bad floats recently. The flow to the fuel pump in not impeded? No blocked filters, kinked hoses? Disconnected at the pump inlet side, the fuel flows readily out the hose from the tanks? Tank air vents clear? Any sort of restriction on the suction side of the pump, alows the posibility of vapour being pulled from the fuel. As a long shot, the carb vent lines? Generally they give mixture issues if poorly placed in pressure/ vacuum areas. If using a sealed cold air intake, they should be attached to that. How are you measuring the pulsation? Definately no suspicion there?
  9. Would appreciate some advice re the following: At around 200 hrs the fuel pressure in my Sav started a rapid pressure pulsation. Floods suggested it may be to do with the location of the vent tube from the pump and suggested some fixes, none of which worked. In desperation a new pump was fitted (supplied at no cost to me) and the issue was solved. However 50 hrs later the problem has re-emerged. Floods are at a loss to suggest a cause. Logic would indicate that it is not to do with the installation given the outlined course of events. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what is going on? Bob.
  10. PC6 making short work of a runway at 12,000ft elevation.
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  12. Amusing Beer advertisement, now banned for some reason or other. . .
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  18. Owned and built by Keith Mitchell, this model took 5 years of combined design and construction. Its initial flights were taken under the Large Model Association scheme (approved by the CAA) for model aircraft over 80KG. It underwent 12 test flights for combined flight time of more than 2 hours to get it's LMA\CAA certificate to fly at public shows. A rarely modelled scale radio controlled aircraft in an amazing scheme applied by the master, Philip Noel of Pinnacle Aviation. Specifications of this fantastic model. Wingspan: 21 Feet Length: 19 Feet Weight: 220 Lbs Engines: 4 x ZDZ 90cc petrol Props: 4 x 28 x 10 Biela Carbon Radio: Futaba 14 Channel Servos: 22 (13 channels for ailerons, elevator, rudder, flaps, throttle x 4, landing gear and lights) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P6KSZaE0wIY
  19. Hi Ultralights, I happen to see your youtube clip and saw the 2 ipad set up. Could you give us some details as to what runs these ipads so nicely?
  20. There were two left hand wing brackets. While waiting for a right hand one to arrive, instead of building two left hand wings I built a wing rack. Because I'm building in a two car garage I need to be careful with space. Therefore I made it so the wing is about 760mm off the ground. That way it can sit against the fuselage and over the undercarriage (where the LE tubes are in the photo) Rack is just built from a couple of dollies, 35x90 pine and a bit of bracing. No glue, just screws so that when everything is done I can reuse most of this in other projects (",)
  21. The layout suggested seems pretty good to me.
  22. I have heard of some owners doing away with the plug completely and just fitting the 6.3mm spade connectors individually. That way you can "feel" how each connection fits (tight or loose).
  23. Elegant is definitely my choice. It has a clean, crisp look.
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  25. Ok back on track now sir. Is their a contact email or ph number for them please.
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