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Help with FSX in Crossfire (2x EAH5770CuCore)


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I have had a few stutters in the video using my 5770 card so bought it a twin brother. Can anyone suggest why it freezes my system just as it finishes loading the terrain files. It returns to normal operation after a reboot and disable Crossfire.



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G'day mate.


You might do yourself a favour and head over to some of the mainstream FSX forums rather than ask here where we tend to be more inclined toward the real thing. Nothing wrong with asking here, but I think you won't get as much joy here as you would on the FSX focused sites. There's tons of information about hardware setups, recommended settings, tweaks, opinions... The lot.


Three great resources I often refer to are : AvSim, Orbx-FTX and SimForums.


You may even need to start modding your fsx.cfg file! Now that I mention it - did you delete the 'fsx.cfg' file before next starting up FSX after installing your new card? FSX will build a new one based on the system specs it detects. However, rather than delete it, just rename it to fsx.bak1 or something, then start FSX up. You'll be surprised how a fresh cfg file will spice things up.


To answer your question in a nutshell - FSX doesn't do Crossfire or SLI. A single high-powered card is the best.


What FSX really craves is CPU power and speed, plenty of high-speed, low latency RAM (4GB is standard) and lots of VRAM (at least 1024MB). Your mileage will vary however - everybody's machine and setup is different. There are a hundredfold more variables than answers.


Good luck and enjoy the hobby.



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