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Video: Wings BBC TV Series- Be2


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Hi Winsor,


My mum, who lives in the UK, has a propellor from a BE2A/B in her lounge! My gran on my dad's side bought it from Camden market many decades ago with the intention of drilling holes in the blades, putting in pegs, and using it as a hat stand - but thankfully she never got round to it! Round the hub it says 70 HP Renault, which was the engine in the BE2A and B.


Makes a good talking point!


More info on BE2s at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Aircraft_Factory_B.E.2


BTW were you aware that Andrew Willox, who edits the Friends of the RAAF Museum magazine, is building a replica BE2A (non-flying) which he hopes will be completed in 2013 in time for the Point Cook centenary? You should plan to come over and see it!!







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