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Abandoned Airfields

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Corruna Downs, ex WW2 airstrip, is just outside of Marble Bar. A great day trip to go exploring. Lots of old steel bits, quarries, bullet casings, very long ungraded yet firm runway. People over the years have helped themselves to the relics. A guy in MB operating his own gold mine managed to salvage a couple of thick metal stationary forklift type of thing whereby it was once used to heave up aircraft that crashlanded at the strip. There they'd conduct the necessary repairs. I have pics but the file size were too large to upload.



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My Dad served after the bombing of Darwin at Adelaide River south of Darwin, records state that 250,000 troops were sent there in case of what might happen. About 5 years ago I visited the area to 'have a look' but nothing realy left except the ox out of Crocodile Dundee stuffed in the '303 Bar" at the local Pub. A local pointed me to a site not far away called Snake Gully, I found it and it looked liked the allies drove out 60 years ago, old boom gate and the site was used for storing explosives. There was a railway network and about 15 storage bunkers buried in the side of the hills. Large buildings since dissapeared courtesy of the termites but with large blast walls still evident. Back down in this part of the world we still have remenants of "Fort Bribie", Fort Rous and Cowan Cowan on Moreton Island. That Ozatwar site is full of plenty of this sort of stuff. For example a northern suburb of Brisbane "Strathpine" was home to 3 airfields and a large Training base for Spitfires with unfortunate records of mid air collisions etc. Now Suburban the Taxiways are named Beaufort, Blenheim etc and the Runway is Spitfire Ave.


Now - 27 17' 41.56"S 152 59'26.11"E


and Then - http://www.ozatwar.com/ozatwar/petrie01.jpg



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