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Fuel System Problem...Please Help!


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I have just installed a new gas tank for my Phantom Ultralight. When I turn on the fuel pump it makes a loud sound indicating that it is not getting any fuel. I checked if the fuel pump is working and it is so that is not the problem. It must be how I hooked it up or something. Look at the pics of it and tell me what you think. Also what is the point of the small fuel line on the bottom of the tank?





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I believe the pump you have fitted is only a pressure pump, not a suction one. So it needs to have fuel to the pump via gravity and then it will push it on.


Couldn't say for sure if that's the problem, but by looking at the pump it looks like a pressure only one, and sounds like it also. One way to easily check is to pull off the inlet side hose and put your finger over it.



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Guest Andys@coffs

Bit more along the same lines. Was the tank full, or less than full, if less than full was the top of the fuel above or below the fuel pump?


(oops, good thing David posted, I didnt see that it was feeding from the top of the tank...in which case the fuel level is irrelevant as suction is needed to get it up and over the top)





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Guest davidh10

Seems strange that the black hose from the tank to the pump is connected at the top of the tank, while there are two pipes at the bottom of the tank with a hose between them?


I don't suppose the pump is supposed to be fed from the bottom-side pipe (orange), as that would be at a level unlikely to suck water in the bottom of the tank, while the bottom-underneath pipe could be for draining fuel to test for or remove water. Unless the top pipe on the tank has an internal tube down to close to the bottom of the tank, it would only be sucking fumes even if it is a pump that sucks?


Separately, it seems risky to have the loop in the fuel line where water could settle in the hose in a place where it cannot be drained. I thought it was best practise to have drain points at all low points in a fuel system.


That said; I'm not knowledgeable in the area.



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Hi Monk,


Youve got things a bit wrong there. The fuel pickup to the motor, via the lift pump, is from the tap at the bottom of the tank.


The top and bottom fittings on the side just join together with clear fuel line for a sight gauge.


See attached picture.







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