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Will be in Camden next week...


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As the title says, I'll be down in Camden next week for a few days. And It wouldn't be me if I didn't go and have a look around at the airfield since I'm so close to it.


Should I pack a headset? :big_grin:



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I'll be there from Friday night, but booked out all weekend, should be able to fit something in I hope monday, tuesday, or wednesday. I'm with Family so it all depends on what they are doing, and whatever.



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I'll be glad to give you a guided tour of Camden Airport and a meet 'n'greet. I will also take you out the The Oaks to meet the folks there. I can't promise you a flight, but if someone else can arrange it, it would be good.





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Aren't you coming to the AGM?


Go visit The Oaks, just 7 odd Ks from Camden, Tuesday to Sunday. Call Dave on 0414 740 766. At your peril, if the weather is flyable, I might turn up to practise or just go for a fly somewhere.



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Had a great flight with Ian this morning doing some formation flying. Thanks a lot for showing me around a bit, and it looks like we just made it with the weather! :thumb_up:


Here's some photos, I did video as well and I might try and get that done sooner rather than later.








We're leading








Here's one from my phone.





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