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Newbie looking starting up


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Hi All.


While Im not flying yet I am still looking its been about 15yrs since I have flown ( Cessna, both in cadets and school) . I came across this sight whilst searching about info into Rec flying.


I am looking at leaning towards learning in a 3 axis type. Any helpful points would be appreciated.





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Bruce Vickers at Lethbridge Airpark (Golden Plains Flying School) is an excellent instructor; he recently did my Biennial Flight Review. Give him a call on 0400 849 031 and get yourself airborne with a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF).







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Hi Brendon,


I live at Hoppers and fly out of Penfield (Sunbury) - it's about a 40 minute drive. I did my training there and now have part ownership of a Gazelle hangared there. Drop me a reply if you would like to come out and look around.


Always good to have a few options to consider....







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Hi Brendon, Welcome:welcome:to RA-AUS and I hope you enjoy the journey. Heaps to learn mentally and physically, but easier for you I guess than us


old 'foogies'

! no doubt.I was trained by Bruce at Lethbridge and can only speak very highly of him. The first time in the Tecnam charging down runway 36 and floating effortlessly into the air was pure bliss and I was hooked. Bruce let me do it all right from that first moment, or made me feel like I was doing it all, which is probably more correct. Good luck on your journey, I hope to catch up with you at some time at a future fly-in.



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Hi Brendon, welcome to the site.Take MY advice, don't listen to the old 'foogies'? on these forums, just listen to your CFI. 008_roflmao.gif.692a1fa1bc264885482c2a384583e343.gif

Welcome Brendon,


I had to look up the dictionary to see if'n I was one o'them old "foogies"... Phew,,, me an' t'other ol' fogeys are safe. You can listen to our yarns you know. It's part of the journey you see, learning to sort the chaff from the chuff.


Keep the sunny side up,


Wayne. 012_thumb_up.gif.cb3bc51429685855e5e23c55d661406e.gif



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