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Aircraft ADs and ANs


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As you may see, aircraft ADs and ANs are now back and are contained in a sub forum under Australian General Discussion.


The ADs and ANs forum is locked to any new threads or posts as it is to be maintained as a list of notices for you and any new notices will come up in the What's New function of the site every time one gets released.


The only notices for the time being are ones that have been and are released by RAAus for Australian registered recreational aircraft that fall under RAAus registration.


In time to come all the GA ADs and ANs will be entered as well. Then each one for each of the different countries, laid out as is in the Australian section. It should be of great help to everyone in knowing any ADs and ANs that may be released in another country for the aircraft that you fly, as these may be released before your own country releases one of their own. Hopefully this will help in keeping us all safer in the aircraft that we fly.



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