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HTC Desire 2.2 playing sounds. Question.

flying dog

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Need help.


Ok, it may be WHERE I have the files, but I am stuck with a problem about listening to music.


I have an 8 Gig card in the phone and a bit of music, sounds etc.


Obviously some sounds are used for alerts, ring tones, etc.


If/when I go walkies, I plug in the head phones and listen to music.


It is annoying when the phone plays a ring tone or alert tone in the play list.


I can't "remove" the sound from the play list without deleting it from the phone - or at least the way I have learnt to delete from the playlist.


Can some one educate this little dog.



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Hi LD,


Just create a playlist with the songs you want to listen to, very easy to do. Just touch bottom left of screen(3 lines), then 4th icon to the right, then create you list from there. When you want to listen to them, just select your play list. Even I can do it. Steve



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