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A born Aviator takes to the sky!

Guest rocketdriver

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Guest rocketdriver

Yesterday I watched as she made her 1st solo ...... I could tell she was nervous and she looked out over the landing ground. Her whole family were flyers and now it was her turn. All her life her brothers had constantly reminded her that ”you’re just a young chick ... what makes you think you can fly?” but now it really was her turn.


She mentally rehearsed what she had to do, and went outside again to check the weather. No wind, nice and calm, ideal in fact. There was no one else flying, so the sky was hers. She was excited and nervous all at once ..... would she remember all she had been taught about flying?


I saw her doing her preflight checks. Controls full and free and all working in the correct sense, power systems all sounding good on the run up ... She was ready ......


She moved up to the takeoff and looked at the landing ground again ... Still no reason not to go, so ..... She hesitated..... “No, I can do it” .... I could read her mind and, with a little jump, the baby blackbird launched from her home of 2 weeks to join the rest of the family waiting in a small shrub in the rockery below.


Another successful 1st solo to follow those of her two brothers earlier in the day .......



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RD i can connect with that story.


Our hanger has several Swallow nests and the annual 'flight of the young' is a big club event.



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