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Pilot Mistakes Road For Runway

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Guest davidh10

Clearly he didn't check the windsock or signalling circle. IMHO, the two locations, as seen on the Google Earth image aren't even vaguely similar.



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Spent a couple of weeks in Alaska in a spot where many of the locals owned aircraft, it wasn't an airpark just a regular suburb of the city but there were signs on the residential streets that cars had to give way to aircraft and a community runway was nearby which crossed a street and ran between some houses, plus a lake for the floatplanes. Quite unusual to see aircraft taxiing up fairly narrow streets past houses. Gotta watch out for the stray pets I guess.



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Perth airport used to be a trap for the unwary - especially at night and in showery wx. The old Forrestfield railway yards used to be just east of the airport, and were aligned 03/21. The huge lighting towers were much more obvious on approach towards 03 or 21 directions than the runway lights. I know that I emerged from above one July night and began to slide 'over' towards the better set of lights. The Localiser needle gave the lie to that, but visually it was a compelling scene. Rumour has it that Garuda nearly got to flare height - but then, in the 70's, they also ended up out at Cunderdin!


happy days,



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