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Found this amazing video of paragliding..


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While sitting around putting off some study tonight I came across this video of paragliding in Italy.




Watch it in HD, absolutely amazing. Makes me sad I won't get to fly as much for some time now seeing as I have started uni, but certainly adding paragliding to the list of things to do one day.



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Guest Maj Millard

WOW !....what amazing footage and rugged country. Must have been a quiet weather day, the potential for severe mountain turbulance there was huge, but there didn't appear to be much..thanks for sharing that jake..........................................................Maj...012_thumb_up.gif.cb3bc51429685855e5e23c55d661406e.gif



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OH boy... I was thinking when he was in and around some of those buildings that he would have very little idea where and what rotor was hiding there ready to bite. Then at the very end he was honest enough to show it. 038_sweat.gif.5ddb17f3860bd9c6d8a993bf4039f100.gif



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