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Video: Flight around Ayres Rock - Uluru


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Guest Maj Millard

Nice stuff Tomo...naturally you had to sit up front didn't you !!.........just to keep an eye on the driver no doubt....hell I bet you've flown heaps more types than he had too................................................Maj...107_score_010.gif.2fa64cd6c3a0f3d769ce8a3c21d3ff90.gif



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Love the video Tomo! It's a very different view from walking around it (Ayers Rock) or over it (Olgas) as I did four years ago. I really liked the part of the clip which showed the Olgas, Uluru and Mount Conner one behind the other: a great perspective of all three NT landmarks.



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Great footage Tomo. If the location was between Melbourne and Sydney every man and his dog would have seen it,


We visited that area after the Airtourer Association did the Simpson Deset crossing with 18 Airtourers going Birdsville to the Alice in formation in 1984, sans GPS.


We were captivated by the Olgas. Cultural sensitivity was not an issue then in climbing Uluru, and after cursing our rate of climb in a 100 hp Airtourer, we realized that our ascent was pretty feeble on foot compared to what miserable rate of climb that our aircraft achieved.


One of the highlights was landing on the original airstrip, just before it was closed. An approach parallel to the rock face, and having a stabilized approach at 65 Knots suddenly jump to 80, and then in the next instant have just the makers name evident was memorable. Harold Affleck recounts some interesting experiences on that airstrip.


You wuz half way to WA Tomo and you did not keep going. Shame Tomo. shame. If I can have Pittsworth and Toowoomba in my Log Book there is no reason for you to not to aspire to have some WA entries as well!!


As for your appoach into Yulara, Bushies nail the threshold!! Airline jocks and aspiring airline jocks make contact 1500' down the track!!



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Thanks guys!


Naremman, sounds great! My Mum did outback tours out there 30 years or so ago, back when it was all gravel road and make your own track type thing... and she flew off the strip at the end of the rock a few times. You could see the old strip slightly, but it's now all covered with trees and bush. By the way, you can still climb the rock, if you have the mind to, I did!


There's a $55 landing fee to land at the now 'Ayres Rock' airstrip! ah_oh.gif.cb6948bbe4a506008010cb63d6bb3c47.gif


Yes would loved to have travelled a bit more, but time 'twas an issue unfortunately, next time! (mind you I have landed at Perth airport, and been to Jandakot before!) 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif


Yeah, hot days, and black runways... you soon see who knows the bush when you watch them come in!



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