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A new Nynja in the area

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Foggy morning but a great flight to settle in the Nynja after its 100 hrly on the engine.  201 hours now and all going great.  Need to plan a longer flight to visit somewhere soon.  Cheers



20190928_065412.jpg 20190928_065432.jpg 20190928_065533.jpg 20190928_065545.jpg 20190928_073612.jpg 20190928_073749.jpg 20190928_073754.jpg 20190928_075331.jpg 20190928_075333.jpg
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Sundays flight to Shute harbour in the Whitsundays for WUFI day.  Includes some images taken by Mike H in his Zenith 750.  Shute harbour airstrip in the Whitsundays is a great place to visit, total flight time 2.8 hours.


P1040146.JPG P1040142.JPG 72759616_550909239016107_1932536125566484480_n.jpg 72483577_532347620858237_8408631932102901760_n.jpg 72045678_823206328116294_5405738451125403648_n.jpg 73047401_448867332645419_8250246530502492160_n.jpg 72344873_2354384221482744_2613198458122665984_n.jpg 69475193_948489945496096_4468506299998404608_n.jpg

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