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Re: The Flinders Ranges and beyond.

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The Flinders Ranges and beyond.




I live in Gelong, in Victoria, and some time soon I wish to fly to the Flinders Ranges.


Someone out there must have done all this before, and


I would appreciate any hints, tips, clues (etc) about the route to take, places to stay, things to do and people to meet!







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G'day Mike.


Thanks for the information re the thread. I obviously missed it.


What piqued my intrerest in going to the Flinders was that I met John Birrell at Wentworth fly-in on the Saturday and he was regaling me with tales of adventure during his recent trip. I was going to talk further to him on Sunday but he left early owing to the weather forecast. We flew home on the Monday, and it was an unpleasant trip dodging weather all the way.


There are a few of us from The YLED club that may go to the Flinders, and I will pass around the fact that you are planning a September tour.







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