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Supapup UA

Guest Jokerman

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Guest Jokerman

I'm looking at purchasing a Supapup Mk1 which is around 19 years old.


I was wanting to tap into vast knowledge in the forum to see what people have found out about this particular model over the years. Specifically has anyone heard of any accidents? Any fatalities?


I will be looking at getting an engineer or LAME to have a look at it. However what things should I look for with the engine and internals. I can check things on the outside but what about cable runs and other internal items?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Jokerman,


I had a Supapup a few years back,probably same vintage as the one you are considering purchasing.


I'm not sure but I think mine may have been a Mark 2, I would have to go and dig out the copies of the books on it I kept, to confirm the Model.


I don't think that there was much difference between the Mark 1 & 2.


Good reliable little aeroplane.


Rotax single carby 447, cruised at about 70kts.


If you pull the wings off you can see most of the internal construction, just look for any suspect glued joints.


Should be push rod elevator and ailerons and rudder cable.


All control devices should be clearly visble to inspection.


Check out the fuel tank behind the engine with a drain inside the fuse, it's fiberglass and has a tendancy to get crud in it.


Make sure all fuel lines are properly secure with the correct hose clamps.


Check all control surfaces and hinges.


The tail wheel spring was a bit inferior and needs beefing up as usually got a bit of a bend or sag in it which brought the rudder very close to the ground.


Watch your take off, that is make sure that you don't over compensate on the rudder, anticipate as the rudder is big and effective.


Depending on the wing, mine had the speed wing, on your first flight just feel it through and don't be distracted from what you are doing.


Good little plane to three point.


Depending on the motor in it 447 or 503 how much rudder input you will need on take off, remember the rudder is big and effective but it is also open to a goodly amount of prop wash.


I hope this helps.




Rick ;)



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Guest Jokerman

Hi Rick,


Thanks muchly for your reply. Just what I was after.


The Supapup Mk1 I'm looking at has a Rotax 447 but I'm told by the current owner that it only cruises about 58-60 kts, though it does have a big wing span - about 28 ft. So I don't think it has the speed wing. :)


As a matter of interest do u happen to remember what's the span was of yours?


Thanks for the tip about the fuel tank. If I purchase I might look at replacing the fiberglass one with a steel one. I'm told there is another smaller fuel tank in the wing above the pilot. Do u remember if your model had that?


It is interesting your comments about the tailwheel as the current owner has replaced his with the Mk4 tailwheel.


Thanks again Rick. This is what makes this forum so valuable.





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Guest The Bushman

as builder of 3 Pups 1 supa and 2 aero and by the way the supa pup is for sale contact me and I can maybe give you some insight as to the Model and its flight


The Bushman



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Guest Jokerman

Thanks Bushman.


What Mark is your Supapup? Mk4? If so do u know much about the earlier versions?



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If the nose is pink as in the ad, I think we should quickly change it black or something!!!!....What do ya reckon?????


Sean. :confused:



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