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...and now for something REALLY Special!

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The Aveo Phantom...


This is the latest and greatest aircraft - a new revolution in Recreational Aircraft!








Vs0 - 37 knots.


Vfe - 81 knots.


Va - 92 knots.


Vno - 118 knots.


Vne - 143 knots.


Wingspan - 9.95 metres.


Length - 7.15 metres.


Height - 2.45 metres.


Fuel Capacity - 90 litres.


Endurance - 4.5 hours at 75% power.


Cabin width - 1.25 metres.


Take-off distance - 205 metres.


Landing distance - 300 metres.


Maximum G-force - +6, -2.


Check out the Website HERE



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That is a sensational looking aircraft Oz, and the low wing version ( the shadow) looks even better. Any idea on the price?


And it comes with a yoke as well! cos real pilots use a yoke!


(only yoking 001_smile.gif.2cb759f06c4678ed4757932a99c02fa0.gif )





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Guest g_i_jack029

I did mention this in my blog that was on the old forum, but yes its truly a classy aircraft. they did a write up about it in one of the aviation magazines and OMFG, its sexy on the inside aswell!



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One of the many, many features of this aircraft is the keyless remote entry system.


It is activated from your mobile phone or the keyfob. When you activate the door lock to open, the door pops outward and then slowly raises to the full open position...


How cool is that!?



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This certainly looks like an interesting aircraft. Is there a price tag on it yet?


I think it would be interesting to see an image of the cockpit. The outside looks pretty futuristic so I think the cockpit would be quite interesting.


I also like the sound of the door....almost the lamborghini door of general aviation :P





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