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Guest disperse

when i first started to look at flying recreationaly it needed to be afordable and most of all a way to express and release the burning passion and love of life, or to put it another way to feel completly CONTENT


and i suppose haveing my accident that could of easily ended my life yet just broke me enough to give me the oppertunity and time to revaluate some priorities and make a few adjustments as to what i do with the rest of it,


so i want to make flying a big part of whats to come !


when i started looking around trikes really captured my passion, and i reckon they're as close as you can get to being a bird. just being out there and swinging around to control where your going.....absolutly magic. and the freedom of being able to land just about anywhere, what a way to go camping;)


but then i started to look at flying as a tool as well , the ability to take the daughter out to grandma's at wellington nsw for a couple of hours in the morning and then nicking down to canberra for a late lunch with her aunt


and then theres the ability to boot up to my folks in gladstone qld for the weekend just for the hell of it. and then of coarse there is the birdsville races and all the other places and events to see , that may not be possible in a trike purely because of time restraints


i think 1 of each is the go...a tike to blast around in on the weekend and a nice and quick 3 axies when i want to go somewhere......now wheres that lotto ticket





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I agree 100% with your 2 a/c solution; trikes are the motorcycles of the sky, and a quick 3-axis the travel vehicle. That's where I want to end up also..


Pursue your dreams...



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