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Something Different in the Air

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I was enjoying a coffee in my outdoor lounge when I heard what sounded like a twin radial aircraft approaching. It seemed to be taking a long time to pass over-head so I went out to investigate, and was soon dashing to find my camera. The Holden Airship had returned to it's home air space.


Click for larger picture.




I live about 30K's south of Adelaide and we don't usually see it this far south. Normally it's seen circling the inner suburbs, much to the interest of drivers below. Can be a big distraction but it is nice to something different in the air.


Cheers, Doug





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A couple of months ago it was droning around our place, near Archerfield. It's really something to see when it flies over at <1000' around dusk. All lit up from inside. Brilliant.


I've grown used to the the sound of the usual GA aircraft, but when I hear something different, I usually dash outside to have a look. There's a fair variety of a/c flying around archerfield.



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It must have trouble controlling it's height. When I saw it up here it was going up and down about 30 degrees, and I am surprised it has got so far South, it was only doing about 30kts than.



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