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F-35 Close Air Support test - against the A-10

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The Pentagon has decided to test the F-35's capability as a close air support platform - by pitting against the 1970's-era A-10 Warthog. I suspect that the 'lumbering' A-10 will win!







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Easey-peasey for the Yanks..


You assemble two units comprising: your biggest bad-ass tank, a top-of-the-line shoulder-launched SAM team and a crack front-line strike platoon.


In each of those teams you place in each of: the Tank, with the SAM unit and with the platoon, a General that favours one side or the other, so you have a 'JSF-lovers' force and a 'Warthog-lovers' force, with three Generals apiece.


You take each force out into the Arizona desert and situate them say 20 miles apart.


Then, you send in a JSF to take out the Warthog force and a Warthog to take out the JSF force.


The force with the most surviving Generals gets to choose its aircraft. (and for the JSF-lovers force, running away is NOT an option). The losers get swept up and put in an Esky and buried with full military honours.


Effective and simple. The only downside is that titanium stock will get harder to find and afford...



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It will be an interesting comparison, even if we have to wait three years to read it.


I guess at the end of the day, F-35's as close air support would be better than no close air support.


Cheers, Willie.



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You forgot the other essential ingredient.


Each ground force has the relevant government intending on buying said aircraft, represented. By Their cabinet and President/Prime Minister.


That would sharpen their minds and also make great sport.



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