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Important Jabiru Engine Service Bulletin Released

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Greetings; An important Jabiru service bulletin has been released forall engines specifying compliance at the next 50 hourly inspection.


It relates to the "Rocker Chamber Vent"


Serial Numbers:


2200a- 2068 - 2439


2200b- 2 - 28


You need to drill into the engine to create a breather hole.


The instructions are quite detailed and are located at the following link:







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Interestingly my engine is a 2200B serial number #29. Yes one number outside the service bulletin. Which should mean that mine was the first engine that had the modification done at the factory.


I am still going to check if the mod has been done as after a call to Jabiru they were not over confident that my engine would have the mod.





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Should have known. My engine has not had the modification done even though according to jabiru it was supposed to be done. I would recommend anyone else who has a new 2200B that is close to the 2-28 range to check with Jabiru. My understanding from Jabiru is that all new 2200B engines should have the modification done by the factory. glenns



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