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2nd Solo Cross Country

Guest Pioneer200

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Guest Pioneer200

Did my second cross country(solo) today in Jab J160


Route for anyone that knows Canterbury NZ was Ashburton to Rangiora,stopped for morning tea and a chat(very busy microlight field) then backtracked and skirted CHCH control zone to Lincoln and tracked direct to Wigram(ex airforce base).


Had lunch there with my 19 month old daughter and her nana as my wife and her were in CHCH for day.


Then departed Wigram back to Lincoln and then to Bankside(about 5nm from Rakaia township)


By this time the old nor wester was rising and listening to CHCH ATIS reported winds at 2500ft were 320 degrees 30 knots gusting 44 knots!


Decided to stay at about 1200 ft and it was bumpy enough there!


Glanced at GPS at one point and G/S was down to 68knots when plane indicating 95!


Was going to look at landing on my brothers Dairy farm in Bankside ( next door neighbour has 650 mt strip) but being low hour pilot and having that much wind I just flew over strip and waved to him and carried on.


Arrived back home in Ashburton and very little wind (maybe 5 knots) greated me


Total flight time was 2.8 hours(WHAT A GREAT WAY TO SPEND A DAY OFF WORK DURING WEEK!)



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