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G'day Mate and welcome to the forums - "Storchy Neil" here in the forums has one and if he doesn't pick up on this thread in the next day or two then may I suggest you send him a PM



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The training organisation i used have one. Although i used a remos for all my training - in the middle i had a 2 month gap between the agents not being available and mine arriving. to stop me going mad i used the storch for a one hour map reading lesson.


it was really good, a very capable machine. Id reccomend you try one



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Guest keiran ryan

I have flown the new model and it is really very impressive.


Most people considering an aeroplane like the Storch also check out the Foxbat.


Happy flying





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hi tacklberry you asked about the storch s where do i begin fantastic beautiful very for giving a dream to fly not the wife 102_wasnt_me.gif.b4992218d6a9d117d3ea68a818d37d57.gifmy plane can cruise 100 knots if you can aford the fuel burn 16 lts hr


eltric flaps short take off landing 260 hrs in it enjoyed every moment


261 hrs done a stupid thing tried to play at being a galah and balance on power wires not a good idea as i broke of nose wheel but the plane kept flying


i am of the opion to train in a another plane as the storch s is to forgiving i find it very hard to fly jabs :hittinghead: :hittinghead:tecnams:hittinghead:091_help.gif.c9d9d46309e7eda87084010b3a256229.gif i feel that the wire incident any other plane i would not be writing this neil



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