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Recreational aircraft down in Heck Field area...


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This was on the AAP onlinenews wire... The one of the brisbane TV stations also showed video of the accident site and appeared the aircraft was 'all but totally'... Engine appeared to be a 2-stroke Rotax.


Pilot escapes ultralight crash


August 26, 2006 06:43pm




A 62-year-old pilot escaped with minor injuries when his ultralight aircraft ploughed into a canefield south of Brisbane.


The man had been flying solo over an ultralight training field when he crashed near Jacobs Well Road, Hecksville, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast at 8am (AEST) today. (Heck Field local area)


"The man was able to extract himself from the wreckage and an ambulance crew took him to the Logan Hospital after another pilot raised the alarm" a police spokeswoman said.


"The man suffered a fractured sternum," she said.


It is believed the aircraft's engine seized, police said. The ultralight was destroyed in the crash.



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