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turn co-ordinator wanted urgently

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g'day guys


finally got my own lil Drifter at a strip nr Roadvale, she doesn't have a turn co-ordinator (slip and ball thingy) and i really want to make damn sure my turns are coordinated


tried surfing google but no luck, anybody got a contact for one?


prefer new, prefer Oz seller if poss


thanks !!





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hi bp, a little piece of string attached to front mounted antennae(if you have one) or may be sticking it on top wind screen(with tape) will give you wonderfull results. even beats the instrument in accuracy and timing


and dont forget to post some pics of your new toy



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I second the string idea - cheap and effective.


on the other hand you could try here, though $515 seems a little expensive. If you just want a slip indicator its a more reasonable $46:




also ebay:




has one a bit cheaper..


Ian may be able to get you one from Wicks Aircraft, but theirs is listed at $697(US - ouch)


Aircraft Spruce has one for sale at $382 (again, US).




And to think I used to wonder why the glider guys all used a piece of string and bluetak instead of a proper instrument.



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All you need is the string, but if that doesn't satisfy a ball will do exactly the same thing. The only extra thing a turn co-ordinator does is give you the rate of turn, and if you need that you are trying to fly IFR. I would far rather spend the money on fuel and enjoy a bit more time in the air than try to emulate an airline pilot in a Drifter.



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thanks guys


i did think about the bit of wool but i just want to be sure my turns are co-ordinated, lil ball was used during my training and i don't see why i shouldn't keep on that track


i have no interest whatsoever in either my rate of turn OR emulating airline pilots, btw





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