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Anyone know any Air Museums in Australia

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I don't know if there is already a thread on this, but can I ask if anyone knows any air museaums in their local area. I have read about Temora and its aircraft (but i have no idea where it is). I believe that there is a small Museum near Melbourne airport.


Does anyone have any Gems that thay have found that are worth a visit?


My last trip to Britain I went to see the Battle of Britain Exhibition (cannot remeber where now - Alzheimers!). Went to the War Memorial in London and failed to get up to Cambridge. This lead me to think that there must be some great little sites in Australia, considering in the 50's we built most of our own aircraft (under licence - canberras etc...) for our airforce.



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Just a few we have been to...


Airways Museum Essendon (VIC) www.airwaysmuseum.com/


Temora (NSW) www.aviationmuseum.com.au


Australian National Aviation Museum Moorabbin (VIC) www.aarg.com.au


RAAF Museum Point Cook (VIC) www.airforce.gov.au/raafmuseum/index.htm


Queensland Air Museum Caloundra (QLD) Ph (07) 5492 5930


Australian Museum of Flight Nowra (NSW) www.museum-of-flight.org.au


Friends of the Anson Museum Ballarat (VIC) Alan Penhall Ph (03) 53324651


War Memorial Canberra (ACT) www.awm.gov.au


And just as I thought of some more I found this link http://www.aarg.com.au/Links-Museums-Australia.htm


It has a huge listing.



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Guest roadk99

If you are ever in Darwin theres a beuty on the right hand side heading in to city. it has a B52 bomber in there.



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Theres the Qantas museum at Longreach Qld. they have a retired Jumbo called the Bunbury (I think) sitting outside, the story of how they landed it is awsome. Apparently the pilot spent months in a simulator practising landing on the short runway. All the seats and other not needed equipment were removed and trucked to Longreach, also it only carried enough fuel for one missed approach then to make it back to Townsville. The whole story and landing is on film inside the museum.





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