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Certified - Or is that Certifiable!

Guest Prometheus

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Guest Prometheus

G'day guys...


Given that this is the place to announce one's important announcements... I'm now "Certified" :big_grin: . With the combination of GA flying done previously and almost 12 hours of RAA Flying I've earned my RAA Wings and can now to to the skies solo once again - now in an RAA aircraft of course. Paperwork went in today.


Next stop - Cross country endorsement! Apparently that shouldn't be much of a problem considering I've done three fairly hefty nav's in GA training. Should have that by the end of September. :confused:


The world's a wonderful place!


Cheers all...



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Hi Dave


Well done Mate! No stopping you now...i am looking forward to the progress update as i have been following yourlessons all the way. ;) :big_grin: 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif ;) :star:


Best Regards


Ed Ed Herring



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Guest David C

Well Done Dave ....... Another convert joins our ranks . Looking forward to your progress reports re your X country endorsement .





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