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Drifter attitude flying.

Guest Juliette Lima

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Guest Juliette Lima

Hi readers of Drifter vrs Thruster thread,


Elsewhere in the Thruster thread , the question of Attitude flying in a Drifter has been posed.


For what it is worth, I rarely look at the ASI other than to occasionly confirm airspeeds determined by attitude.


I use an aerial mounted on the pod and have determined (coupled with appropriate power settings)climb at 48 kts, cruise at 63 kts, (912 engine), slow cruise at 50 kts., descent on base/final 48 kts., best glide engine out, and three point stall on for landing.


Airpeeds are nailed instantly and trimmed even before the ASI catches up....particularly useful in power off short finals.


Incidently, nothing beats the magnificent views from the front of a DRIFTER.







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Guest Rufus

drifter attitude flying


Except the view from a Tbird 1 or 2. Windscreen goes completely down the front & back under the nose, so your feet block the view.


Fully enclosed for winter, warmer, doors off for summer. Very comfy all year.


Roger Mac



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