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Hi everyone great to join the crew, i am from Pt Augusta SA and am in the process of choosing a new Jab, love the look of the 230 but wonder if the 170 will do a better job in the bush, i love long haul trips, hec i hate decisions, some advice would be great ps if your out this way call in, if your in trouble i am a level 2 always ready to help out a traveler, yep i have slept in a few paddocks so its great to know where assistance is, anyway guys i better go all the best.



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Guest Decca

Hi Steve, nice of Frank to respond, but I'm surprised (and disappointed) that no-one from the Jabiru fraternity has answered your question. I'm a student in a Gazelle so I haven't the experience yet, but I'm sure you'll get more experienced answers soon.


Regards, Decca.024_cool.gif.7a88a3168ebd868f5549631161e2b369.gif



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Guest tezza

Hi Steve and welcome.


Cant offer much advice on Jabis either, being a GA flyer myself, but I have flown with a friend in a J230 and I still cant wipe the smile off my face. If only they had one down my way for hire, I would definately come out of the closet for my RAA certificate.


I assume you are the same SteveDonald that posted on another forum about AUSNAV? If so I am glad you found it useful ( I wrote it). There is a very good flight planner here too, with more detail in the map but doesnt have the pull down menu to select your route.







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G'day Steve and welcome. 098_welcome.gif.81ff07d492568199326e4f64f78d7bc6.gif


It really depends on your needs as to whether you choose the J170 or J230. 031_loopy.gif.e6c12871a67563904dadc7a0d20945bf.gif


The J170 has a bigger carrying capacity than the J230 (290kg v. 240kg). Is wider in the cabin, cruises at 100 knots (16 liters an hour) and is $15,000 cheaper to buy.


The J230 however will cruise 115 to 120 knots (23 liters an hour) has a huge cargo area for bulky items and rear door access.


Sort of a win, win - scenario. :big_grin:


So you pays your money and makes your choice. :thumb_up:







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Peter's summary is spot on.




The 230 turned me on as I like the 120 knots TAS, the "feel" of the 6 cylinder engine + the ability to load it via the rear door.




The 170 or 160 or 230 are all good things and you can't lose whichever way you go. That's not a bad position to be in.




I went up to the Wide Bay Airshow last year and attended Jabiru's Back-to-the-Nest Dinner. I looked hard and spoke to lots of attendees & couldn't find an unhappy owner ..... particularly now that the carby kits have the fuel burn about where it should have been all along (see the discussion in another thread here).




Hope that helps.




Regards Geoff



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Guest Roger

OK I am biased...I like my J230C.


I has got the legs when it comes to putting in the big ones! The extra two cylinders makes me feel "better" when it comes to capacity (others will tell you I am dreaming but its a personal thing).


The only thing I had problems with was the seating position - I like to see over the nose.


Like all before have said its all about strengths & strengths :) you just have to work out which ones you want. Half the fun of this sport is picking your machine. Dont rush it and as you seem to be doing get lots of opinions and do LOTS of test flights.







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thanks Pete, the 120 cruise is tempting as well as the sexy looks, very difficult decision, the aircraft may be used for some training as well and i guess both are suitable as well.


value for money nothing seems to come close to the Jabs.


Also do you know if the 230 throttled back to 100kts ie sightseeing photos ect, is happy at reduced power for extended flights fuel burn should also reduce to 17/18 lph but may cause high cht's



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thanks Rodger i saw a 230 c in the RAA mag very tempting 85k only 70 hrs well equiped i must say it has great looks, i hear they are nice to fly, jump off the ground quick with a climb rate, the storage area is great for trips too, being able to carry some gear for others on group flights would be handy.



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Hi Steve


I think the J170 has a lower stall speed than the J160 and the J230 making it a better short field performer than the J160 and the J230. Supposedly the J170 has the wings of the J230 i.e. longer than the J160 wings so that it complies with USA stall speed rules and RAAust.


The J230 is nicer to fly than the J160 and the J170 being heavier and with a flat 6 cyl 3300 cc motor flies about 15 to 20 knots faster burning about 6 more litres per hour than the other two.


The motors are the same for the J170 and the J160. A flat 4 cyl @ 2200 cc.


The J230 is obviously going to cost maybe 50% more than the J170 or J160 to do a top overhaul at 1000 hrs or a major at 2,000 hrs.


The J160 has a lower climb performance than the J170. I think Jabiru recommend a climb speed of 80 knots to keep the oil temp down.


I am slowly building a J160 which hopefully will fly before Christmas


(this year folks).



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Hey Steve, welcome to the forum. I can't comment on the J170. I have a J160C, and love the space in the Cabin and the fact that I can cruise at 100 TAS, and if I fly by myself, take a fair bit of gear. I have flown the J230, the cabin is squeezier, but it is heavier, more stable, take more gear, goes faster. So, you got to weigh up what you think is most important for you. Good luck.





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