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Balloon tyres and 'Oh what a feeling'

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G'day all. Due to family matters it had been a month since my last flight in Martyn Smiths Sport Cub and so, last Thursday being such a glorious day here in SA, I decided to go and have another bash at converting to a taildragger. On arrival at Aldinga, I see my plane waiting for me, but in a slightly different attitude. Martyn has fitted some balloon tires 'to make it look more business like'. Martyn is a fan of the late Shaun Lunt, but I'm not sure if that was the reasoning behind this change. How-ever, apart from learning a different entry method 'cause it's higher now, he said the only difference was that when coming in, 'it's like landing on Dolly Pardons breasts.' Oh how true. My first touch-down was so soft I didn't realize I was down until the tail wheel started to rumble on the grass/dirt runway. With only 10 psi in the tires, plus the Cubs very absorbent undercarriage, they make even the worst of landings seem good. Well almost, come down too hard and they throw you back up again for a second try. I did several 3 pointers then some wheelers and they all had me sort of guessing if I was actually on the ground. Fabulous stuff. If you've a Cub, or something similar, shell out and treat yourself. The effect on speed is minimal but your rough ground/out landings, will be so much smoother.


Unfortunately I didn't have my camera or phone with me but I'll get a photo next time which will be after a trip to Bali for some R & R.



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I'd have difficulty substantiating the comparison, like when someone says" this wine tastes like camel's **SS, I have to take their word for it. Oh, I have led a sheltered life!..... Nev..



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