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How good we have it in Oz

Guest basscheffers

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Guest basscheffers

I am in my home country of the Netherlands at the moment and just went flying with friend of my sister, who in the middle of his midlife crisis and bored with just flying MD11s for KLM bought himself a little old Fuji FA-200-160, which is aerobatics rated - though calling it a aerobatic aircraft is a bit of a stretch.


First thing we did was drive it up to the bowser where we paid an astonishing 2.70 Euros (A$4.40) per liter of 100LL! (yes, this is obviously mostly taxes)


Getting in, I noticed the missing transponder. Turns out it is not there because the old mode-c isn't legal anymore and had to be replaced by a A$5700 mode-s which transmits GPS coordinates also. The idea is this will be used for a TCAS-like system later for GA aircraft. (did I mention he paid only $40K for the plane to begin with?) So for now the mode-c was removed while the other is on order so nobody hiring the plane would make the mistake of using it and climbing over 1200 ft. (something we only did in the training area)


If you are ever down there, it is available to hire for a wet rate of A$342 plus about a $25 landing fee.


Of course this is a GA plane and you expect to pay a bit more than we do recreationally, but especially the fuel is taking the mickey. The Dutch governators must hate GA terribly.


He is going to investigate changing to an unleaded petrol burning engine, but as it is online at a school and for rent, it would have to be a certified mod, which probably won't be cheap either.


Obviously, as he is not an instructor and I am not a licensed pilot, I did NOT fly the plane from the right hand seat, we did not buzz my mum's house at 500 ft. and I certainly did not perform any barrel rolls myself while in the training area! ;)


While in the hanger, almost hidden from view by the bigger planes, I did find a little kit-built Jabiru! Not sure what it was (the only marking was "2200") but I would assume that simply refers to the engine.


You can save money and fly ultralights there, but with a MTOW limit of 450 kg, you simply don't have the options we do down here.


Can't wait to be back training in the Sportstar at Parafield next weekend!



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Guest Carl Booth

Holland flatlands versus Australia


Hi and thanks for that Euro 'look'. My experience is only RAA/LSA but Germany proved to be a veritable Paradise I flew a little SV-2 Vampire round Germany for many years and gas wasn't such a big deal because it only needed 10L for the hour. But, what I enjoyed was the beautiful flat green paddocks all over the place. And letting a Rotax 477 2-stroke hold your life in its hands .. well I loved those billiard tables everywhere ! Let me tell you there are less restrictions in Germany .. since returning to Oz I've been plagued by Instructor arrogance. They seem to have "Jesus Christ" authority here when it comes to conversions. This does not exist in Germany. But the sun certainly shines here and there are Jabs everywhere !



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Guest High Plains Drifter
...since returning to Oz I've been plagued by Instructor arrogance. They seem to have "Jesus Christ" authority here when it comes to conversions

Strange comment there Carl Booth ? ...might pay to change instructors ;)



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