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Ivo Prop.


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Hi everyone,


I need some information on the 3 blade 60 inch diameter,Ivo propeller.


I`ve been told that this prop is not realy suitable for the Rotax 582 with a 2.64:1 reduction gearbox as the prop develops cracks.


Is there anyone using the prop on the 582 and if so could you please tell me of your experience with it.




Frank. 002_wave.gif.62d5c7a07e46b2ae47f4cd2e61a0c301.gif



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Guest Carl Booth

ivo prop


Hi . I used a black 3 blade ivo prop some years ago, fitted to a 447 however. The prop is quite heavy (for carbon props) in my opinion, and I subsequently replaced it for a beautiful light French Arplast prop. I did not observe cracking in the Ivo prop. Carl



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