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Amberley AirShow on Oct 4 & 5


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The Amberley Show looks a bit interesting .... see http://www.raaf.gov.au/airshow/index.aspx




Has anyone been to one there previously and do you know whether they attract more visiting aircraft than the 40 slots that the website mentions are available each day to get into there.




And does anyone know whether you arrive on the Friday and/or can camp there with your aircraft?




However on further reading, all parking will be on the concrete hardstand with no tiedown facilities. Geeeez.




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Guest Cloudsuck

G'day Captain,


I better give you a serious response as the last one was a bit 'tongue in cheek'.


I used to work at Amberley and I don't think that it is a fly-in. The visiting aircraft they are referring to I think are the invited aircraft involved in the air show (I may be wrong).


We were asked if any of us wanted to fly our RA aircraft in there to place on display for the RA-Aus stand. The catch was that we would have to fly the plane in on Friday and would not be able to fly it out until Monday (no thanks). The base is security controlled by millitary working dogs and RAAF police and you will NOT be able to camp on the base 'ever'.


If you want to fly up, you can land and park at Boonah Airstrip which is about 20 mins drive from Amberley. There is a Taxi service in Boonah. It is most likely that you can camp under the wing of your plane at Boonah. Boonah has all the shops, cafe's and pubs you need.


We are a very friendly bunch at Boonah. If you need any more details, let me know.



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Pilots wishing to fly to the show can do so on both Saturday and Sunday and are most welcome.

An AIP Supp will be issued in due course but pilots should note that you will be allocated "slot times" for arrivals and that the departure sequence will be based upon ready to taxi calls.


There will be about 30-40 arrival slot times each day.


Details will be in the AIP Supp, which will be issued in due course. Slot times will not be available until after issue of the AIP Supp.


Aircraft are likely be parked on a concrete hardstand and will not be able to be tied down.


Accordingly, all aircraft must bring secure chocking.

Matt and I flew into the RAAF Edinburgh Airshow in 2007. The notes (above) look the same as when we flew in. We got a time slot to fly in on the Saturday morning and got permission to leave the aircraft there overnight Saturday, then after the airshow finished on the Sunday we departed with everyone else. There was definately no camping but we were able to access the plane during the day. We found the RAAF to be extremely helpful and the whole process was easy and great fun. I think the arrival slots are due to parking restrictions, they don't have a lot of space left after all the RAAF planes!


The AIP will give you all the info you need to know.


Matt and I hoping to get there but it will be via the domestic airlines 049_sad.gif.af5e5c0993af131d9c5bfe880fbbc2a0.gif



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