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Avgas price enroute


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I have just returned from a trip north in SA and paid the equivalent of $2.80 per litre (including callout) for avgas. If I had bought mogas in the town, the difference would have paid for my accomodation. I would be interested to find out avgas prices in outback places. On a long trip, it makes a huge difference to the budget.



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Avgas price


Hi, Avgas price paid in June were as follows,


Renmark $1.92


Broken Hill $1.91


Windorah $1.95


Longreach $1.83


Burketown $1.96


Boroloola $?


Tindal $1.79


Kununurra $1.95


Broome $1.86


Halls Creek $1.92


Tillmouth Well $3.09 (correct)


Alice $1.96


William Creek $2.40


Oondadatta 2.50 Plus callout plus landing fee


The average price paid per litre was $2.02


Places like Port Pirie, Olympic Dam, Leigh Creek, Coober Pedy and Birdsville should be contacted for price and availability.


Hope that the above is some help. Prices need to be changed from June, but will give an indication.







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Guest Nelson Smith

Steer well clear of oodna expensive bloody datta.Bad gravel strip, windsock in shreds,


landing fees and callout fees for each aircraft.





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Geez - :heart: loved the morse code translator. Reminded me of my radio trainig days in signals :thumb_up: (Army) at Watsonia back in the early seventies. 011_clap.gif.c796ec930025ef6b94efb6b089d30b16.gif Got up to about 18 words a minute (send and receive) as I recall. Good days. 018_hug.gif.8f44196246785568c4ba31412287795a.gif


Sorry to steal thread. 099_off_topic.gif.20188a5321221476a2fad1197804b380.gif







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Yeah I like morse code myself (as you can probably tell:thumb_up:), It certainly slows the mobile phone TEXT-a-holic's down when you right a text in the code.....006_laugh.gif.0f7b82c13a0ec29502c5fb56c616f069.gif but pretty slow going all the same when typing it on the phone:big_grin:





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Guest Lee Schaumberg

100LL at EGV




100LL at Eagle River is only about 6.00 a gallon. A liter is just over a quart and there is 4 quarts in a gallon. The US dollar is about X 1.5 to the Aus dollar.



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Well that makes it 9.00 AUD per us gallon (equals 4 litres) ie. 2.25 dollars/litre. So not so very different. For affordability you have to relate it to average earnings, for each country, but that is a different consideration.. Nev..



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There seems to be a reluctance for the price of Avgas to fall at the moment.


We have seen a drop of around than 10 cents a litre yet the price of ULP has fallen over 70 cents! what price are other people paying a the moment for Avgas?



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