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Garmin 196 Vs 296


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I am considering an upgrade of GPS system and top of the list currently is the Garmin 296.


I'd greatly appreciate any comments re comparisons with this unit and the 196. Especially as regards readability in bright sun.


I guess the basic question is the 296 really worth the extra cash?


any and all comments greatly appreciated.





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There is a lot more than the screen. There are more features in the 296. Check it out fully. With the lower price available for the 296 now, the decision is already made as far as I'm concerned. Nev..



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With the 296 for me it's mostly the terrain awareness given by the screen colours, similar to a topographic map and the ability to set your own height alert preferences to alert me when I'm getting below the 500ft AGL minimum legal height.


The 296 is also much lighter.


The one attribute of the 196 I would prefer is that it takes 4 x AA cells, making them interchangeable with my camera which could be useful in some situations and I'm not talking about taking more photo's.;)



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Guest brentc

Yep, make sure it's the 495 if you're upgrading.


As for can you read it in daylight - definitely not as well as the 196 and I am yet to find a solution. I have seen 'shrouds' fitted that restrict visibility to the pilot only, however they do work well. I've seen one in an RV and could let you know where they got it from, however it may very well have been home made.


I don't have problems viewing, however of course I'm in an enclosed high-wing.



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