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Your chance to win....

Guest ozzie

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OK Troops,


i said i would bring back a couple of treats to give away in a bit of a contest just for everyones enjoyment.


first one


chance to exercise that grey matter and pick up a genuine 'oshkosh warbirds' T shirt.


never worn even. L size


so using the photo below.


1 identify the pre ww2 aircraft that this cockpit belongs to.


2 name the executive that the Shell Corp., bought this aircraft for.


and finally,


3 what mission did this executive conduct late in the war that made him famous.


ie it is a three part question and all parts must be correct.


the rules


1 the answer must be sent to me via a PM


2 If more than one correct entry is recieved within an hour of the first correct entry posted then these will be placed in a hat and the winner drawn from here.


if no other correct entries recieved during the hour then that first entry is the winner. simple hey.


3 judges rulz is final


4 this is for your enjoyment only so don't get to wound up about it.


go for it







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The winner is...


Forum know it all is TEZZA from Barwon Heads.


of course the answers are


the Stinson Reliant


the executive at shell was James Doolittle


and of course Doolittle's Raiders on Tokyo.


The Stinson is for sale and has the original deed of sale between Stinson and Shell and aircraft logs signed by Doolittle. My personal favourite single engine aircraft of the show. it is immaculate.


I'll do the second one in a couple of days when i finished reading it.


Who is Norman "Bud" Fortier?











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And what a beautiful aeroplane she is too. Love those "steering wheels"


Thanks for the shirt Ozzie , and better luck next time to all the other entrants. Of course I didnt really know the answer, but my friend Google did!:thumb_up:







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well at least he has learned some history from it.


t shirt is in the mail


better think up some good questions for the next one and add another rule, no sneaky googeling



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  • 2 weeks later...

OK Thrillseekers


Have a shot at this.


suited to those who know how to turn a page rather than scroll one.


the prize..


Read only once.


A copy of The blazing World War 11 battles of an outstanding combat pilot.


"An Ace Of The Eighth"


An American Fighter Pilot's Air War In Europe


by Norman "Bud" Fortier


Norman earned his private ticket whilst still at school in 1941.


by 1943 he was stationed in England until transferred to Berlin at the end of the War . A good factual read.




the comp will run until monday evening around 7pm (1st)


PM answers to me


If more than one correct entry the winner will be randomly drawn from the correct entries received, so good chance for those entering at 6.59pm


The winner on completion of reading this book shall sign it and return to this thread and continue this competition and that winner to do same ect ect


Judges rulz is final


for your enjoyment so don't get to wound up when you loose




By September in 1943 the WASPs had flown every aircraft in the US Army Airforce's inventory.


now correctly answer all the following


A, Name the aircraft type and manufacturer that was last flown to achieve this event.


B. name the field where it was flown from


C. What was significant about this flight


D. Name the pilot


Good luck





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You've got me stumped Ozzie. Prolly the most significant wasp flights were of the YP59 jet and the B29 bomber but both of these occurred in 1944. Cant find anything significant in sep 1943. A clue would be nice.





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Flights in this paticular aircraft continued on after sept 1943.


this flight was a local flight of 45 mins.


your'e close Tezza.



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