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Trike training around Tamworth???

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Hi all......moving to Tamworth in October and wanting to do my GA to Trike conversion. I have asked the Manilla Sky Ranch at Lake Keepit and he said he doesnt do Trike training. Have spoken to Len at Somersby who has been very helpful but after looking on "whereis", im not sure im keen on the 3 hour each way drive! There is also Bruce at Mudgee too. Same distance though.


Can any one help out with Trike training folk in or around Tamworth?


Scotty keen.gif.9802fd8e381488e125cd8e26767cabb8.gif



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Hi Scotty,


Have a look on the Airborne website, they have a list of dealers, all of whom are usually instructors as well. Just looked and the list seems to be a bit shorter than it used to be.


Am pretty sure there's a good trike school at Rutherford near Maitland which should be about an hour closer than Somersby for you. (Sorry Len:hittinghead:).







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Glen....thank you. I just did a google search and found them! Len has been fantastic and I would learn with him for sure. Fuel being the big factor here. I just had a look on "whereis" and your right, it cuts about 100km off the trip. Im going to keep my options open as it may be worth the extra drive if the quality of training is there.


Anyone else know of any closer to Tamworth?


Scotty :thumb_up:



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