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What forums for this section

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Please let me know what separate forums you would like in this section. Once a list is created I will add the forums and transfer the threads and posts from the recreational section to here - thanks!



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List of Kit forums


Hi All,


Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.




1. A kit builders personal introduction.


2. New kit suppliers and hardware suppliers announcements.


3. General questions How to where to ect?


4. Technology, design innovations.


5. Rag and tube builders.


6. Aluminum builders.


7. Wood builders


8. Composite builders


9. Fire wall forward discussion.


10. Completed kits first flights ect


These could form the basic frame work of the kit forum and hopefully others will come up with suggestions to fill any gaps.


A kit builders list of who's building what and where would be handy.


A good suggestion by micgrace regarding a member generated database of equipment or suppliers/supplies would be advantageous.This may also act as an avenue for members to find products that could be sold through Clear Prop. Or if enough interest is generated for members to manufacture and sell difficult to find items through Clear Prop.


Just a thought anyway.


Regards Steve



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