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On the way back to Chicago i was asked to visit the newly opened Harley Davidson Museum at Millwalkie. Wannabiggaairplane is right about taking your car navigator when you travel. trying to drive on the wrong side and map read would be a disaster waiting to happen. having 'bitching betty' made it so much easier.


I am not really a fan of HD's but i had been convinced by my big HD mad brothers in law that i should go and take plenty of photos and visit the gift store. Glad they did actually. it is well worth dropping into even if you don't ride. the history of the company is amazing, from it's humble beginnings to the icon it has become today. i think it was 1916 that they had the foresight to take one of every model they produced straight from the production line and store it away. Most of what you see here is brand new, never ridden. also in that year they sent reps out to buy back good examples of earlier models, so their collection is very complete. I enjoyed the display on how they designed the new 'Rocker" model. very trick. ended up spending half the day here.


bronze casting of Hillclimber at entrance,


early military version,


clay model,


Easy Rider copies. there were originally 4 of these made for the movie. 2 were destroyed making the movie. the other two were stolen the day shooting was completed, they have never been found. these two are copies.,


Very early Harley Davidson brand new never ridden, love the white tyres,


i'll post some more if there is any interest. i did mean to put this under the trips heading but pushed wrong button again. oh well.















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You have my interest Ozzie:thumb_up:. Its Harleys 105th at Milwaukee this year on the 27th Aug. and the whole town puts on a good show. I couldnt get away this time because of work commitments BUGGA!!!. Its on around the same time as Oshkosh and Sturgis and I always do the 3. Now that I'm learning to fly Oshkosh will be even more interesting. :big_grin::big_grin::big_grin:


(1) was taken along the Rio Grandes and the border patrol (cops) kept stopping me to check if I had any mexicans in the trailer lol ( friggin idiots ) bottla bundy in the trailer took a lot of explaining though.


(2) my kinda bike :thumb_up:







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Ozzie, don't be too hard on Harleys. They must be doing something right, as they just bought out MV Agusta. The Japanese have copied their style a fair bit lately. ( The sincerest form of flattery is imitation),& you can enjoy yourself at speeds that aren't suicidal.


Re the factory having the foresight to keep one of each bike for posterity, I would consider that statement, to be in the category of a good story.. Harleys, (Willie G, Davidson) does well out of the "nostalgia" factor, and a lot of that material has found its way into the two museums, ( York & Milwaukie) at a lot later date than is being suggested. Nonetheless, it is a good thing that it is there to see, and the collections are quite comprehensive.


Americans normally think that you are a socialist, or unpatriotic if you ride (or drive ) old vehicles. Nev..



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I'm not hard on Harleys they are just not my type of bike. just everyman and his dog seems to have one nowadays.. i'd like an Agostini MV in red and with the rough sand castings. HD have survived the Japanese onslaught over the years much better than the British. Banks were the main drama.


They have their restoration dept at this museum and they have many more interesting items to put on display. It wil be interesting to see just how big this museum will become.



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I'm not really suggesting that you are hard on them, but a lot of crap is put on them by some. I would not buy any of the big ones but I'd be happy to ride the odd trip to deliver one


I have ridden a bike similar to the MV you describe . 4 pipes/mufflers 750 cc All roller bearing engine. No air cleaners! You would be surprised how much less powerful those things are compared to what is available today, They are sought after, however. Nev.



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I used to think my ol H2 Kawasaki was fast, well it was then. i think all it would do today is draw undo attention from the envionmentalists with all it's blue smoke. I'd outrun the cops only have them follow the blue haze home:big_grin:



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more photos


1951 year of flashy colour


would you be caught dead on a Harley Davidson Moped?


Many have died playing ball games.


My sort of Harley.


A V6 Harley Davidson engine. never made it to the run stage. i can see the potential tho.













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