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Tumut is it happening thisweekend???????


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Guy. I have the Tumut Valley Fly-In as next Sunday in my diary but haven't seen a confirmation recently. Will see what I can find out as I think it was in the back of a recent RAA mag. Regards Geoff


Edit - Just checked and it is listed for Aug 31st in the upcoming events section at base of the forum front page, where Kaz has given the following contact details ..... Contact: Graham Smith Phone (BH): 02 6947-2349



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Thanks Geoff


Just spoke to Pat, is happening, nothing on Sat nite though, long way from Jamestown for lunch on Sunday!, are you going?


Was hopefull of catching up with some loaclswill probably need to leave early Sun morn!


Cheers Guy



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Guy. Was hoping to get over there and a few from Wagga Aero Club are planning to go but while there are a few days to go, weather looks a tad suss with wind predicted to be up both days and rain developing forecast for Sunday 60% 10 - 20 mm. But will see how it looks on Fri before making a decision. Would like to catch up if you do come over. Regards Geoff



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The prediction for next weekend still looks about like my last post, so it is particularly galling that today and the last couple, + probably tomorrow have been about perfect for flying around this area.




However the cockies here are desperate for another couple of inches as the crops really need a good drink .... and soon. And with a Temora MUseum Flying Day and a Tumut Fly-in on the same weekend it is bound to be a bit wet.




Drop a message in here if you do decide to wing your way over, Guy.




Regards Geoff



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