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V2 Mexico Auto-installer available -- Media now shipping!


August 25, 2008








V2 Mexico Terrain Mesh for FSX is now available for download from the FSG Store. You have a coice of auto-installer or manually-installed .zip files. The first shipments of V2 media will go out today, Monday, August 25.



The End of Airport Plateaus!


Continuing the release of the V2 series of terrain mesh products begun in April with the continental United States, FSGenesis has invested countless hours confirming the locations of the default airports in the Mexico coverage area using satellite and aerial images from Google Earth and Virtual Earth, moving misplaced airports, adjusting their elevations, and tweaking the terrain as necessary to eliminate the plateau effects caused by the flat-airport limitation of FSX. The result is the elimination of virtually all plateaus at airport in the whole of Mexico.


Vertical Resolution increased to .25m


Added bonus on V2 is the increase in vertical resolution from 1m to .25, which is four times the default, to go along with a 32x increase in the horizontal resolution over the default.


Free Download for Existing Users . . .


Customers who have previously purchased North America Media,or the FSX Media Bundle, and whose order status is listed as "Partially-shipped" will receive their Mexico Terrain Mesh for FSX media automatically. You may also log into your FSG Store account and click "My FSX Downloads" to download your free update.


New Customers . . .


New customers may order Mexico Terrain Mesh for FSX V2 either as a standalone product, or as part of the heavily-discounted FSX Media Bundle. You will have immediate access to download, and optional media will begin shipment on Monday, August 25.





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