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Hello everyone

Guest Estrada

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Guest Estrada

Hi everybody


My name is Joaquim Estrada. I´m a ultralight flyer. I have been flying a Dynamic WT9, a good looking, fast and yet a forgiving airplane for a weekend flyer like me. My first UL was an Icarus C22.


I live in a small town (Viseu) in the center region of Portugal. By the way, next weekend will take place our anual aeronautical festival. You are all invited to come. There will be lots of airplanes and thousands of enthusiasts. Among them there will be our good friend Frank Versteegh - a former Red Bull Air Race pilot - to show us how to dance in an extra 300 L. The web page of our club (Aeroclube de Viseu) is http://www.acv.pt.vu/ .


Thankyou for letting me to join this forum.



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Guest Estrada

Ian an Ross


Thank you for your kind words.


I will be posting


Ross, I bet you dont have english accent when you speak portuguese.




J. Estrada



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