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We're all set for a bit of confusion here as I see the group already has Ian Borg and I'm Ian Boag. I'm a 62-year old Kiwi flying a Jabiru J200 (ZK-CPA) out of Feilding airfield. I've had it for a couple of years - before that I was a GA man with a 172, then I had a Robin DR400. The Robin was a lovely machine but the cost of keeping a certified aircraft in the air finally drove me off to the microlight world.


Plus the whole thing of paying hundreds of dollars for a GA medical so I could fly 50-60 hours a year finally got to me. I only fly on nice days anyway.


I've become used to the "what? microlight?" response. One explains that it's made of fibreglass rather than basket weave and the engine (even if it is Australian) is too big for a chainsaw. Finally one adds that it will run away and hide from most 172's while it burns half the gas and is wider door-door. A picture clinches things.


I was pleased to find this site and discover that the list of people who have trouble cold-starting Jabirus in the winter was quite long even before I came along. It was good to see that my solutions (external jumper lug, squirt of ether, second battery) had already been thought of. Hot water on the carb was a new idea though.


Cheers IB



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